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  1. Blockchains Architecture, Design and Use Cases Prof. Sandip Chakraborty Prof. Praveen Jayachandran Department of Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Lecture - 36 Blockchain in Supply Chain - II Hello everyone, welcome back to the next lecture in our block chains course
  2. Review: Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases. Divya Goyal. The real-life use cases are very well explained with the current implementations which are less known to people
  3. The blockchain architecture consists of the elements like a node - user or computer that has a complete copy of the blockchain ledger, block - a data structure used for keeping a set of transactions, and transaction - the smallest building block of a blockchain system (records, information, etc.)
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architecture and consensus protocol, it becomes more dif ficult to foresee the uses of blockchain. In 2017, the Bitcoin mining used around 30.14 T eraWatt hours (TWh) of energy , which is. Other practical use cases of blockchain are asset management. In asset management, traders can manage and trade assets. This makes it one of the risky trades to be in. Each party needs to be very methodological in its approach. To reduce the risk, each party needs to have key players when doing asset management We will share with you several use cases of blockchain technology finance, highlight the pros and cons of each of them, and illustrate them by some real-life examples. #1. Payments, Especially Cross-Border Payments. Payments are the first and foremost use case of any banking and/or financial system Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases - Take This Course. Home Art & Design Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases. Art & Design. Blockchain. Engineering. Computer Engineering & Sciences. University Courses. IIT. Providers

Blockchain use cases where IoT and distributed ledger technology meet. As mentioned on our blockchain technology for businesses page, there are several blockchain use cases, as among others found in blockchain research and forecasts on blockchain spending, that are moving faster than others as industry initiatives further prove By design, no one party can modify, delete, or even append any record to the ledger without the consensus from others on the network, making the system useful for ensuring the immutability of contracts and other legal documents. Four transformative blockchain use cases

Assignment Solutions for Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases Dear Learners, We are providing solutions to only those questions which we have felt might be needed by the candidates for reference. For all other assignments/questions which are straightforward/self-explanatory the solutions won't be provided Blockchain is a fast-disruptive technology becoming a key instrument in share economy. In recent years, Blockchain has received considerable attention from many researchers and government institutions. This paper aims to present the Blockchain and smart contract for a specific domain which is real estate. A detailed design of smart contract is presented and then a use case for renting.

Blockchain architecture design and use cases - YouTube. Blockchain architecture design and use cases for aktu(RCS-E42) and other university exams Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases Instructor: Prof. Sandip Chakraborty, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. The widespread popularity of digital cryptocurrencies has led the foundation of Blockchain, which is fundamentally a public digital ledger to share information in a trustworthy and secure way Blockchain Use Cases in Business. The best way to appreciate the blockchain's potential and determine its value for your business is to look at possible use cases. We've investigated the best practices for blockchain business applications and have identified specific use cases that we would like to bring to your attention. Financial service

As blockchain implementations progress towards production-grade implementations, we reflect upon the most common Architectural design patterns that do and does not fit well with Blockchain use-cases. The design of popular Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Besu prompts the choice of some natural Architectural Design patterns to be incorporated into the application's. It will be the largest vendor agnostic conference in Blockchain space. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss Blockchain through effective use of various techniques Design Architecture of Hyperledger When a high level of trust in transactions is necessary for an enterprise, private blockchain development provides the required solutions. A permissioned solution restricts anyone to join the network without authorized permission for strengthened security Blockchain, the foundation of Bitcoin, has received extensive attentions recently. Blockchain serves as an immutable ledger which allows transactions take place in a decentralized manner. Blockchain-based applications are springing up, covering numerous fields including financial services, reputation system and Internet of Things (IoT), and so on. However, there are still many challenges of.

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What does a Blockchain Architects do? Works closely with product teams to design and build Blockchain-based solutions for enterprises and businesses. The Growth Curve ahead: Blockchain Architect Blockchain Consultant. Domains Blockchain experts work in: Retail, eCommerce, Banks, Telecom, FMCG, Manufacturing and other domains Over the last decade, blockchain technology has emerged to provide solutions to the complexity and privacy challenges of using distributed databases. It reduces cost for customers by eliminating intermediaries and builds trust in peer-to-peer communications. Over this time, the concept of blockchain has shifted greatly due to its potential in business growth for enterprises and the rapidly. In fact, due to the exponential growth of this technology, blockchain has been applied in several use cases with the aim of enhancing the automation of medical services. Our study shows that the majority of researches applying blockchain in healthcare are concentrated towards sharing Electronic Health Records With Blockchain you don't have to build your own identity infrastructure, you can use Ethereum's open Blockchain to store the identity details. Anyone who wants to verify just has to query the open Blockchain. Notary. Most of your ownership records are stored in paper ledgers. These can be tampered. The data on Blockchain cannot be altered When it comes to blockchain or any other technology, business use cases always come first. However, once the need for a distributed ledger-based platform is clear, how do you design a decentralized platform that adheres to the required trust and throughput requirements

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Blockchain in Government - II (Use Cases) Download: 40: Blockchain in Government - III (Digital Identity) Download: 41: Blockchain in Government - IV (Hyperledger Indy) Download: 42: Blockchain in Government - V (Tax Payments and Land Registry Records) Download: 43: Blockchain Security - I (Overview) Download: 44: Blockchain Security - II (Membership and Access control in Fabric Blockchain architecture can serve the following purposes for organizations and enterprises: Cost reduction - lots of money is spent on sustaining centrally held databases (e.g. banks, governmental institutions) by keeping data current secure from cyber crimes and other corrupt intentions.. History of data - within a blockchain structure, it is possible to check the history of any transaction. 3. Blockchain: An Architecture Perspective In this section, we describe a layered overview of blockchain and explain how a transaction data is processed. We then present an organizational framework to help the readers to effectively design a blockchain architecture and to develop applications. 3.1. Blockchain Overvie This chapter will guide you to understand both non-technical and technical working principles, evolution, architecture, types, use cases, applications, and tools for implementation of Blockchain. The Architecture of Blockchain System across the Manufacturing Supply Chain ZHEYI LU Through this study, I will tackle the problem with design, develop and evaluate the suitable system and application lack its practical use cases

This course was completed in October 2018. Contribute to srishtis/Blockchain-Architecture-Design-and-Use-Cases development by creating an account on GitHub Features of these PowerPoint presentation slides: Presenting this set of slides with name understanding blockchain basics use cases blockchain architecture topics pdf. The topics discussed in these slides are transactions, mining, consensus, blocks. This is a completely editable PowerPoint presentation and is available for immediate download The blockchain architecture allows a distributed network of Nasdaq used its proprietary Linq platform (developed in collaboration with Chain.com and global design firm IDEO) to sell shares. As Nasdaq has pointed out, FOUR BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES FOR BANKS next step is to design the use cases. There are two primary use cases to consider: (1) verify and authenticate information, or (2) transfer value. Blockchain framework 1. Do pre-conditions for using blockchain technology exist? 2. Which applications are relevant for us? 3. Do we need to enforce contracts automatically? 4. What blockchain will w

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Let's look at blockchain-based IoT security use cases for consumers and regulators that may help overcome the current IoT issues while becoming the blueprint for safe mass adoption of IoT devices. For Consumers. Right now, we as consumers can't know for sure where data is stored, how it's transferred, and who has access to it Blockchain design of today has moved beyond cryptocurrency.It has evolved into a platform that supp o rts industry-wide use cases suitable for public and enterprise needs. The reference architecture shown below will serve as a foundation for building or implementing blockchain applications for industry-wide use cases

Blockchain use cases for modern enterprises: #1 Change management: Change management is a process that occupies a lot of time and man-hours. Change management requires CAB meetings, debate on the pros and cons of the change, to find a suitable time slot for implementing the change and much more. If change management were to be managed using a. InfoQ Homepage Presentations Building Better Blockchain Use Cases AI, ML & Data Engineering QCon Plus (May 17-28): Stay Ahead of Emerging Software Trend

Blockchain Architecture: Complete Guide. April 29, 2020. February 18, 2020 by Sara Joudrey. Blockchain architecture includes all the technological components behind blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Today we delve deep into these components and how they provide the building block for a whole new industry. Back in 1991, a brand new innovation. The use cases highlighted in PreScouter's report demonstrate the power of blockchain in all sectors of the healthcare space. Adoption of blockchain within the life sciences has admittedly been slower than in other sectors, as the potential use cases of blockchain are not as straightforward and the rapidly evolving landscape of players presents a challenge for companies seeking to adopt the. We cover its fundamentals, features, design architecture, use cases, frameworks, tools, BaaS vendors, and its long-term vision. Corda: Corda is financial blockchain distributed ledger solution. We cover its business principle, architecture, the global Corda network, BaSS vendors, Corda consortiums, and much more With the use of the Blockchain technology, we can develop the open-source, decentralized protocols with built-in data because of overlay networks and the Blockchain, validation, and transactions that are not controlled by a single entity. In this, scenario the traditional architecture of software businesses breaks down Abstract: E-voting is one of the valid use cases of blockchain technology with many blockchain e-voting systems already proposed. the level of requirements engineering and architecture design than the later stages of development that are more technically-oriented

Article A Review of Blockchain Architecture and Consensus Protocols: Use Cases, Challenges, and Solutions Leila Ismail 1,* and Huned Materwala 1 1 College of IT, UAE University, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates * Correspondence: leila@uaeu.ac.ae Abstract: Over the last decade the blockchain technology has emerged to provide solutions to the complexity and privacy challenges of using distributed. Blockchain Architecture Anyone who has followed banking, investment, or cryptocurrencies over the past decade knows the blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Developing a blockchain is simple, but not without drawbacks such as security and data protection. By spreading their activities across a network of computers, blockchains allow Bitcoin and other. Hybrid blockchain and federated blockchain are almost the same. However, they are slightly different according to who accesses the network, decision-makers, scalability, speed, and decentralization. A hybrid blockchain is a combination of a private and public blockchain. Hence, it operates a multi-layer architecture to achieve a specific use case

Layered structure of the blockchain architecture. This section covers the layered architecture of blockchain. In this section, we will be diverging to Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric as well. While discussing the Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure, we will drill into the OBP's infrastructure as well In software design and architecture it is common to refer to design patterns when solving a particular problem. These are reusable high-level technical design templates that can be applied to many different use cases, and follow a well-trodden path in designing a solution. This is very common in enterprise integration IoT on the Blockchain. Authors: Gurvinder Ahluwalia (IBM) Blockchain has the underpinnings for a next generation IoT (Internet of Things) architecture. In one sense, this is a different position from more popular Blockchain use cases in financial services, provenance, supply chain, health care records, corporate action, property rights, crypto currency, and numerous others. In another sense. Blockchain Use Cases | 28th September 2016 Small businesses can control their own strong and verified 'self-sovereign' business identity and authorisations and grant secure access to relevant information A blockchain-based identity and authorisation management platform standardises and simplifies the interactions of small businesses with government, financial institutions, traders and.

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What is Blockchain, How does Blockchain work, Types of Blockchains, How is Blockchain different from what we have today, What are use cases for Blockchain, What does a Blockchain app look like, How do I design a Blockchain app In this article, we review blockchain concepts and use cases, and discuss the challenges in using them from a governmental viewpoint. We begin with reviewing the categories of blockchains, the underlying mechanisms, and why blockchains can achieve their security goals. We then review existing known governmental use cases by regions Blockchain is an innovative technology that allows you to manage digital supply chains. These processes are very troublesome. Think how much you have to bother with documents, information, communications if you deal with it yourself. In cases where you need to manage a large number of deliveries, blockchain technology saves

The blockchain design of today has moved beyond cryptocurrency.It has evolved into a platform that supports industry-wide use cases suitable for public and enterprise needs blockchain in architectural design. May 21, 2021 In Uncategorized. blockchain in architectural design. Furthermore, blockchain has misaligned with the goals for efficient green collaborative digital ecosystem. Therefore, it becomes critical to address this gap and to build new frameworks to align blockchain with those goals. In this paper, we discuss the evolution of blockchain architecture and consensus protocols,. Specific groups of use cases that leverage decentralised information infrastructures have been identified in the public sector context, as identified by Kounelis et al. (2017) and Grech & Camilleri (2017). In particular, blockchain technology is expected to revolutionise or, at least, facilitat

NOC:Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases (USB) Media Storage Type : 64 GB USB Stick NPTEL Subject Matter Expert : Praveen Jayachandran, Prof. Sandip Chakraborty NPTEL Co-ordinating Institute : IIT Kharagpur NPTEL Lecture Count : 60 NPTEL Cour Enable anonymous voting, on-chain scalability, and secure B2B data exchanges for use-cases like real-time supply chains and logistics collaborations Blockchain Performance Engineering Augment the techniques used in the application development life cycle and improve non-functional requirements like throughput and latency The use of the tables can be transparent to existing applications, and developers can keep current architecture and programming model, using SQL, PL/SQL, JDBC, and other ways to access the tables. Blockchain Tables can also participate in transactions and queries with other tables. Common Design Pattern

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Day -1: Mechanism Design in the Age of Blockchain. Participants will spend the first day learning about the fundamentals of Blockchain technology, explore the blockchain use cases / ecosystem and mainly understand the blockchain architecture Blockchain in Insurance: Use Cases. Blockchain and insurance together create several interesting examples. Here are the exact things insurance blockchain startups can do. Blockchain in Life Insurance. Like AI, blockchain can facilitate dealing with life insurance. In the case of this technology, its main strength is providing extra cost. Cross-authentication. Pros: Only approach that can enable blockchain interoperability without leveraging a central trusted party (notary schemes not included).. Cons: Only relays and notary schemes support the arbitrary data exchange type of interoperability, typically needed for more advanced use cases within supply chain.Also, relays in particular are yet to see widespread adoption for.

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Blockchain Architecture Design detail syllabus for Computer Science Engineering (CSE), 2019-20 scheme is taken from AKTU official website and presented for AKTU students. The course code (RCS-076), and for exam duration, Teaching Hr/Week, Practical Hr/Week, Total Marks, internal marks, theory marks, and credits do visit complete sem subjects post given below Part II focuses on the functional aspects of software architecture, describing the main roles blockchain can play in an architecture, as well as its potential suitability and design process. It includes a catalogue of 15 design patterns and details how to use model-driven engineering to build blockchain-based applications Blockchain Architecture Training. Learn about Blockchain and the architectural and technical considerations for your implementation. GK# 7882. $ 295 - $ 1895 USD. Enroll Request Group Training. JUMP TO: Course Details. Overview This training is focused on preparing IT professionals in Hyperledger Fabric 1.2 foundations and providing uses cases with demos. It will introduce you to the need for Blockchain applications, use cases, and about Hyperledger Fabric, which is the open source framework for developing Blockchain applications and solutions with a modular architecture He is an open source contributor and a sectional voting member of ISO/TC 307 blockchain Reference Architecture working group. At Robert Bosch India Blockchain Practice, he leads the technology strategy for blockchain, and has experience in architecture, design for various real-world use cases and solutions

Course Overview. This course reviews Blockchain and the architectural and technical issues that need to be considered before launching a development program. There are many decisions and issues that face the technical project team and this class will enable you to make those decisions Other blockchain use cases in healthcare can be found in Deloitte's Report Five Possible Uses for Blockchain in Health Care. Cloud Storage As businesses of all types and sizes continue to outsource their storage services to cloud storage providers, blockchain will help reduce the security and data loss concerns associated with a typical public storage solution The blockchain technology was first popularized by bitcoin. However, blockchain applications have now moved beyond cryptocurrencies. The future is bright with numerous companies, startups, and blockchain developers working on a wide range of blockchain use cases. The technology's ability to distribute processing while ensuring the veracity of transactions may allow companies to process data. Use cases of blockchain for food supply Twenty-fifth Americas Conference on Information Systems, Cancun, 2019 1 Design principles for use cases of blockchain in food supply chains Completed Research Ravi S. Sharma University of Canterbury rs.sharma@canterbury.ac.nz Stephen Wingreen University of Canterbury stephen.wingreen@canterbury.ac.n

Blockchain has a diverse set of use cases, ranging from finance to a decentralized Internet. However, most blockchain use cases can be implemented using relatively few patterns. For example, A Pattern Collection for Blockchain-based Applications provides a list of 15 Blockchain patterns. Fine-grained patterns, such as described above, are useful data and more blockchain users. The architecture has built-in fault tolerance and disaster recovery, and the data encryption and cryptography technologies are widely used and accepted as industry standards. The health blockchain would be developed as open-source software. Open-source software is peer-reviewed software developed by skillful experts Chennai, June 18 (PTI) A first-of-its-kind online course on 'Blockchain Architecture, Design and Use cases' will soon be available at IITs in Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati and.

• How to design o Blockchain Architecture o Blockchain use cases o Requirements Analysis etc. • Demonstration with HTML5, CSS, Angular, Solidity • Blockchain Architecture and Platforms • Introduction to solidity programming • Structure of Solidity contract • DApps • Lab session & Exercise • Introduction to Blockchain platforms. Blockchain use cases we support. Blockchain implementation strategy design and technical product management (idea productization, architecture design). Blockchain security consulting. Opt for consulting. Full-cycle blockchain development. Blockchain technology consulting

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The benefits of blockchain and FlureeDB's mission to bring them to common enterprise applications deliver an unprecedented number of use cases spanning numerous industries. By shear design, the below list is always incomplete, as new innovators across the industry spectrum are finding novel ways to leverage blockchain technology Master Blockchain fundamentals, the Blockchain architecture, and various Blockchain use cases. This website uses cookies and other tracking technology to analyse traffic, personalise ads and learn how we can improve the experience for our visitors and customers The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the debate on blockchain (BC) adoption for preventing counterfeiting by investigating BC systems where different options for BC feeding and reading complement the use of BC technology. By grounding on the situational crime prevention, this study analyses how BC systems can be designed to effectively prevent counterfeiting.,This is a multiple-case.

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With the use of the Blockchain technology, we can develop the open-source, decentralized protocols with built-in data because of overlay networks and the Blockchain, validation, and transactions that are not controlled by a single entity. In this, scenario the traditional architecture of software businesses breaks down The use cases of the blockchain technology range from cross-border transactions to complex smart contract handling insurance claims [1, 3, 4]. Several blockchain implementations were proposed, each focusing on solving speci c short-comings of the original blockchain proposal, i.e., Bitcoin. On the one hand, some imple

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Given this architecture, auditors could also design continuous audit procedures for their respective clients without having to incur substantial investments in software integration. Further, the architecture can be expanded to include various use cases and supply chain participants, other CPA firms, customers, and regulators The Hyperledger design philosophy at a glance is a brief discussion on the general design approach and methodology used to select and develop projects within the ecosystem. Framework architecture overview describes at a high-level the layers and components required for implementing blockchain technology

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A holistic design of the solution will ensure synchronicity between the flows, use cases, and technology. Starting blockchain solutions with a Big Bang can be a problematic approach. Hence, choose a minimum viable product (MVP) and draw a sketch for the future enhancement. Start with a simple, clear, yet critical use case. Engaging stage, also. An Architecture for Blockchain-based Cloud Banking Thuat Do Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dept. Math. Clear Water Bay, NT, HK, thuat86@gmail.com Abstract. Blockchain has been practiced in crypto-currencies and cross-border banking settlement. However, no clear evidence that a distribute Similar to our hybrid design, they use a blockchain platform (Ethereum) to execute on blockchain operations. However, unlike in our work, instead of using a TTP to execute off-blockchain operations, they use a set of distrusting Enigma nodes running a Secure Multi-party Computation (SPC) protocol 33 , 34 that guarantees privacy

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