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February 24, 2020. Read the Research Paper. Blockchain and Machine Learning for Communications and Networking Systems. February 24, 2020. Read the Research Paper. Blockchain in Global Health - An appraisal of Current and Future Applications. Victoria Lemieux. January 13, 2020. Read the Research Paper Blockchain technology is presumed to influence several areas in the near future. Accordingly, this study's primary purpose is to reveal the use of blockchain technology in the field of architecture. The study was created with the fundamental idea of researching technology and understanding how it works, by being convicted that blockchain technology can solve various problems and deficiencies in architecture This survey paper presents many previous works in the field of blockchain technology, and its applications related to business. The paper also discusses the merits and scenarios through the current advancement of the agribusiness sector March 2020 list If you feel a paper should belong to another category, or that we missed a relevant paper just let us know. Participation is most welcome! Categories: Attacks and defenses Blockchain-general Blockchain-noncrypto uses Financial Internet of Things (IoT) Mathematical Smart Contracts Attacks and defenses Characterizing Cryptocurrency Exchange Scams Authors: Pengcheng Xia, Bowen.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology - The Marketing Strategy of the Cryptocurrencies is written by Rafi F. Asgarl from Azerbaijan State University of Economics. The paper is a thesis intended to clarify. Abstract: This paper presents Conflux, a fast, scalable and decentralized blockchain system that optimistically process concurrent blocks without discarding any as forks. The Conflux consensus protocol represents relationships between blocks as a direct acyclic graph and achieves consensus on a total order of the blocks This report provides the review of security and performance of public and private blockchain framework, where each of which is represented by the two well-known papers, the first is titled On the Security and Performance of Proof of Work Blockchains and the second paper is titled BLOCKBENCH: A Framework for Analyzing Private Blockchains. The first paper introduces a novel quantitative framework to analyze the security and performance implications of various consensus and network.

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DISCUSSION PAPER ON BLOCKCHAIN AND SMART CONTRACTS IN INSURANCE 5. in insurance and could also lead to divergent regulatory and supervisory practices and different levels of consumer protection across the EU. Hence a general European harmonised approach to blockchain could promote and facili After the 2008 financial crisis, a mysterious paper was released by Satoshi Nakamoto that discussed a new peer to peer financial system using a digital cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The economy was in a global recession at the time and people were frustrated with centralized banks disrupting and controlling the financial system The feedback is welcome to all parts of discussion paper covering blockchain, smart contract and crypto assets use cases in insurance, related risks and benefits and regulatory barriers as well as possible European approach to blockchain and smart contracts in insurance Abstract and Figures Blockchain, the foundation of Bitcoin, has received extensive attentions recently. Blockchain serves as an immutable ledger which allows transactions take place in a.. Blockchain Papers . A curated list of blockchain-related academic papers. Papers with í ŒíŸ“ have been peer-reviewed and presented in academic conferences. Table of Contents. General; Consensus; Cryptography; Block generation and mining; Stake; Attacks; Wallets; Crime; Economics; Marketplaces and Trust; Privacy; Sidechains, Higher layer and Scalability; Payment Networks; Fungibilit

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  1. The purpose of this white paper is to explore the various ways by which the IEEE can lead and support an initiative on Blockchain while providing educational materials that will foster the next generation of blockchain engineers. This white paper summarizes and expands upon the IEEE Blockchain Incubator Workshop held by IEEE Future Directions at the end of October in 2017
  2. Coindesk - State of Blockchain 2018 One of the more graphically-driven white papers 2018 has to offer is this 170-slide power-point presentation on the state of the industry put out by the experts at Coindesk. Their news site is a go-to for the latest info, and this report is full of data and trend analysis
  3. Blockchain: Research and Applications is an international, peer reviewed journal for researchers, engineers, and practitioners to present the latest advances and innovations in blockchain research. The journal publishes theoretical and applied papers in established and emerging areas of blockchain research to shape the future of blockchain technology
  4. Blockchain Papers. A curated list of blockchain-related academic papers. Papers with have been peer-reviewed and presented in academic conferences. Thanks to the excellent work of decrypto-org/blockchain-papers. This repository is forked from their repository, but continuously add great papers and makes a more reasonable organization based on the.

This white paper describes blockchain technology and some compelling specific applications in both financial and non­financial sector. We then look at the challenges ahead and business opportunities in this fundamental technology that is all set to revolutionize our digital world Papers. Polygon provides the core components and tools to join the new, borderless economy and society. Polygon Lightpaper. Matic Whitepaper Papers: Swiss Blockchain, Mobile Development & Security Engineering. Let's develop a. secure future. Papers has dedicated its 10+ years of existence to developing secure, mobile-first software embracing paradigm shifting technologies like blockchain to provide a more distributed, secure and accessible future of human interaction this paper, we propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer distributed timestamp server to generate computational proof of the chronological order of transactions. The system is secure as long as honest nodes collectively control more CPU power than any cooperating group of attacker nodes.

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Digitalcoindata.com provides the web's largest list of blockchain and and cryptocurrency white papers. The white paper list is updated weekly Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. The paper that first introduced Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto's original paper is still recommended reading for anyone studying how Bitcoin works. Choose which translation of the paper you want to read: English (Original) Bahasa Indonesia. translated by Christopher Tahir , Gregorius Airlangga, K. As organisations formulate their plans for the coming months, this paper aims to help business and public sector leaders understand the cultural and organisational challenges that are inevitably brought by the use of blockchain technologies, and provides them with the insights they need to overcome them Paper Digest Team extracted all recent Blockchain / Bitcoin related papers on our radar, and generated highlight sentences for them. The results are then sorted by relevance & date. In addition to this 'static' page, we also provide a real-time version of this article, which has more coverage and is updated in real time to include the most recent updates on this topic Academic Blockchain Papers. A curated blockchain-related academic papers. All papers are sorted based on the conference name and published year. Welcome developers or researchers to add more published paper to this list. Table of Listed Conferences. CRYPTO; EuroSys; EUROCRYPT; USENIX Security; IEEE Security and Privacy(S&P) ACM SIGMETRICS / IFIP Performanc

This paper uses data from the MIT digital currency experiment to shed light on consumer behavior regarding commercial, public and government surveillance. The setting allows us to explore the apparent contradiction that many cryptocurrencies offer people the chance to escape government surveillance, but do so by making transactions themselves public on a distributed ledger (a `blockchain') Read the latest news on Blockchain along with real-time Bitcoin price, technical analysis, information, guides and breaking updates at Paperblockchain

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Blockchain technology, by allowing market participants to perform costless verification, lowers the costs of auditing transaction information, and allows new marketplaces to emerge. Furthermore, when a distributed ledger is combined with a native cryptographic token (as in Bitcoin), marketplaces can be bootstrapped without the need of traditional trusted intermediaries, lowering the cost of. THE ULTIMATE BLOCKCHAIN RESEARCH DATABASE Whether you are a beginner or a professional in blockchain, you will find something useful on this page, which features a massive trove of reference materials and information. The blockchain research database encompasses just about anything you could ever want to search through: publications on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, [

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  1. To this end, the theoretical underpinnings of numerous research papers published in high ranked scientific journals during the last decade, along with several reports from grey literature as a means of streamlining our assessment and capturing the continuously expanding blockchain domain, are included in this review
  2. Articles, studies, and research papers on the blockchain industry, potential applications, ecosystem development, technical philosophy, and the future of Web3
  3. The goal of this conference is to promote community-wide discussion identifying the advanced applications, technologies and theories for blockchain. We seek submissions of papers that invent novel techniques, investigate new applications, introduce advanced methodologies, propose promising research directions and discuss approaches for unsolved.
  4. Utmaningar för Blockchain inom vÀrdepappersmarknaden Eriksson & Carlsson - 1 - 1 Introduktion Blockchain Àr en form av distributed ledger technology (DLT), ett peer-to-peer (P2P)-system för att validera, tidsstÀmpla och spara transaktioner och avtal pÄ en digital ledger1 som delas mellan alla medverkande noder (Yaga et al. 2018)

Dear authors and participants. We regret that International Conference on Blockchain Technology and Information Security has been postponed to July 30-August 1 due to COVID-19, and the publication schedule of accepted papers remains unchanged. Feel free to contact us at icbctis@126.com, if you have any questions BIS Working Papers are written by members of the Monetary and Economic Department of the Bank for International Settlements, and from time to time by other economists, and are published by the Bank. The papers are on subjects of topical interest and are technical in character. The views expressed in them are those of thei With Connected Papers you can just search and visually discover important recent papers. No need to keep lists. Create the bibliography for your thesis Start with the references that you will definitely want in your bibliography and use Connected Papers to fill in the gaps and find the rest! Discover the most relevant prior and derivative work

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  1. DELOITTE BLOCKCHAIN At Deloitte, we collaborate globally with clients on how blockchain is changing the face of busi-ness and government today. From physical asset traceability, clinical supply chain, global trade finance, cross-border payments and remittances, post-trade processing to voting and digital identity—you name it
  2. Bitcoin is modeled as a token digital currency, a medium of exchange with no intrinsic value that is transacted within a defined electronic network. Per Metcalfe's law, the value of a network is a function of the number of pairs transactions possible, and is proportional to n 2. A Gompertz curve is used to model the inflationary effects.
  3. Blockchain interoperability is emerging as one of the crucial features of blockchain technology, but the knowledge necessary for achieving it is fragmented. This fact makes it challenging for academics and the industry to seamlessly achieve interoperability among blockchains. Given the novelty and potential of this new domain, we conduct a literature review on blockchain interoperability, by.
  4. Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings. Papers must be clearly presented in English, must not exceed 8 pages in IEEE Computer Society proceedings format (or up to 10 pages with the pages over length charge), including tables, figures, references and appendices

Many sectors, like finance, medicine, manufacturing, and education, use blockchain applications to profit from the unique bundle of characteristics of this technology. Blockchain technology (BT) promises benefits in trustability, collaboration, organization, identification, credibility, and transparency. In this paper, we conduct an analysis in which we show how open science can benefit from. Frontiers in Blockchain publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research covering theory and applications of blockchain and blockchain-related technologies, including theoretical, computational, and experimental research and development, applications, case studies and position papers. Your research can change the world. More on impact The IEEE Blockchain-2020 Conference was planned to be held in Rhodes Island, Greece, November 02-06, 2020. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions, as the safety of people is of the highest priority, the conference will be held virtually on November 02-06, 2020. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE. Research outcomes include scientific papers and the production of software for experimentation as well as providing direction for other NIST endeavors in this space. Blockchain has the potential to be implemented in many different systems, to include manufacturing supply chains, data registries, digital identification, and records management

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Here are 10 seminal papers that contributed to the rise of bitcoin and blockchain. Bitcoin, smart contracts, and decentralized applications are transforming global finance and making businesses. Blockchain: Research and Applications seeks to promote community-wide discussion to identify advanced applications, technologies and theories in blockchain research. We seek submissions of papers that detail novel techniques, investigate new applications, introduce advanced methodologies, propose promising research directions and discuss approaches for unsolved issues

Various blockchain based services are becoming are being developed and integrated with our daily lives. This special section seeks recent results for blockchain based content protection. Submissions should review current blockchain technologies for content protection or explore new blockchain applications and usage scenarios for content protection Need a blockchain copywriter for your ICO, cryptocurrency, or blockchain project? I write white papers, press releases, blog posts, web content, and more 4. Proof-of-Work To implement a distributed timestamp server on a peer-to-peer basis, we will need to use a proof-of-work system similar to Adam Back's Hashcash [6], rather than newspaper or Usenet posts

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Explore our archive of technical and issue-focused whitepapers written by R3's leading blockchain experts Blockchain Calls For Papers (CFP) for international conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars, events, journals and book chapter

Blockchain health IT challenge A team from Deloitte Consulting LLP won a blockchain ideation challenge sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Deloitte's winning white paper, describes opportunities for applying blockchain technology to health care to make health information exchanges (HIE) more. Cardano sees itself as a third-generation blockchain network that will solve problems that currently frustrate the blockchain space, while ensuring that its technology is peer-reviewed an A select number of papers based on the peer review process will be invited to submit an extended version for publication in a Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management. ICBC 2021 is the primary forum for the technical exchange of the latest research and innovation, regulation, policies, standards, and applications in the exciting and emerging area of blockchain. Contact us: info@blockchain-congress.net. Special Issues. Authors of selected papers from PAAMS 2021 and Co-located Events will be invited to submit an extended and improved version to a Join Special Section published in Systems (ISSN: 2079-8954), Robotics (ISSN: 2218-6581) Sensors (ISSN: 1424-8220, JCR (2019): 3.275 (Q1)

Fantom research papers. Learn about the process behind the technology. Fantom engages in comprehensive research & development to deliver state-of-the-art solutions. To do so, we are closely working together with our partners as well as Yonsei University and the University of Sydney The most important white papers, documents and research on the Crypto Industry, Blockchain, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and main cryptocurrencies. PlasmaPay whitepaper, Bitcoin whitepaper, Stable coins, Decentralized finance, DeFi as the blockchain protocol. Figure 1 (below) represents the blockchain protocol. A supply chain transaction is initiated between a supplier and customer for a PO receipt, for example. This is to be available in the blockchain. The block is broadcasted to every node in the blockchain network (distributed architecture)

We solicit previously unpublished papers offering novel contributions in both cryptocurrencies and wider blockchain research. Papers may present advances in the theory, design, implementation, analysis, verification, or empirical evaluation and measurement of existing systems Blockchain enables contracts and transaction records that are permanent, tamper-resistant, secure, and efficient via a decentralized platform via smart contract, removing the need for a middleman broker (prone to occasional mistakes, and inconsistent processing times) to physically oversee every transparent action in real-time while still preventing fraud

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. It combines pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies. With a leading team of engineers, Cardano exists to. blockchain-papers 2016 Security. CCS A Secure Sharding Protocol For Open Blockchains [Blockchain, Sharding] The Honey Badger of BFT Protocols [Blockchain, Consensus] Breaking Web Applications Built On Top of Encrypted Data [Verifiability] On the Instability of Bitcoin Without the Block Reward [Blockchain] Transparency Overlays and Applications. Call For Papers: Special Issue on Blockchain. Blockchain, the unique technology powering Bitcoin, is flourishing into a wide spectrum of academic initiatives, industry innovations, consortium alliances, and a manifold of emerging commercialization opportunities

a broader concept known as blockchain technology, or simply, 'the blockchain.' Blockchain technology made Bitcoin achieve a goal that many virtual currencies before it could not. In traditional payment systems, centralization is necessary to keep track of spending, and prevent 'double spending'of the same units Blockchain as a service; Blockchain-defined networking; Submission Guidelines. Submitted papers must represent original material that is not currently under review in any other conference or journal and has not been previously published


Blockchain. Integrity is a core value for FSC: a fundamental principle and value of who we are, how we work, and what we stand for. With its enhanced data security and traceability, blockchain technology has enormous, game-changing potential that reaches far beyond the realm of finance. digitalinput@fsc.org 03/05/21: The notification has been sent out. 25/03/21: The submission deadline has been extended to 7 April. 31/01/21: Good quality papers will be recommended for journal special issues. 18/12/20: AIBlock 2021 Call for Paper is online & Accepted papers will be published in a post-proceedings. 18/12/20: AIBlock 2021 webpage is online

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Distributed ledger and blockchain technology promise to have far-reaching implications for global trade and supply chains. However, the extent to which this new technology realizes its potential depends upon how well supply chain actors steward this development. To that end, the World Economic Forum has convened a multi-stakeholder community to design a framework to guide decision-making. The blockchain will redefine the role of existing intermediaries (if they accept to change), while creating new intermediaries, therefore it will disrupt the traditional boundaries of value. 71. With the blockchain, one could adopt a conservative approach and wait until the technology matures, then get involved when all uncertainties are removed Relevant Systematization of Knowledge papers; Security and privacy trade-offs related to scalability and decentralization; This topic list is not meant to be exhaustive. S&B is interested in all aspects of the blockchain research relating to security and privacy. Papers that are considered out of scope may be rejected without full review White papers. Community. Orbs Grant Program. Published August 2020. Orbs is committed to advance the process of decentralization by involving even more developers and teams in the development of the Orbs ecosystem and is introducing the Orbs Ecosystem Grant Program (OEGP). We believe that the special features of the blockchain infrastructure of. Microsoft takes another stab at a Blockchain-powered ledger service. Microsoft is launching a preview of is Azure Confidential Ledger service, its new Blockchain-based secure ledger

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Recent computer science literature has studied blockchain security extensively. Most papers in computer science, such as Gervais et al. (2016), study how to defend against \double-spend attacks or other types of attacks that could be undertaken by a single individual who holds control over a large portion of the network's computing power. Th UCL Blockchain Research Papers. List of blockchain related search papers from members of UCL. 2019 Replay Attacks and Defenses against Cross-shard Consensus in Sharded Distributed Ledgers. Alberto Sonnino, Shehar Bano, Mustafa. Al-Bassam, George Danezis. Pre-print blockchain Legal context and implications for financial crime, money laundering and tax evasion STUDY Requested by the TAX3 committee . Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies . Authors: Prof. Dr. Robby HOUBEN , Alexander SNYERS . Directorate-General for Internal Policies . PE 619.024 - July 2018. E

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Blockchain and its underlying distributed ledger technology have the potential to fundamentally transform a wide range of industries and markets. The Global Blockchain Policy Centre is exploring the benefits and risks of blockchain for economies and societies, beginning to identify good policy and regulatory approaches, and investigating uses in specific policy areas blockchain network users and a recording of what happened, and it is digitally signedby the user who submitted the transaction. Blockchain technology takes existing, proven concepts and merges them together into a single solution. This document explores the fundamentals of how these technologies work and th

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Blockchain Transaction Processing Suyash Gupta, Mohammad Sadoghi Synonyms Blockchain Data Management Blockchain Consensus Cryptocurrency DeïŹnitions A blockchain is a linked-list of im-mutable tamper-proof blocks, which is stored at each participating node. Each block records a set of transac-tions and the associated metadata Blockchain & White-papers for beginners ( self.TumbleweedHero) submitted 5 minutes ago by TumbleweedHero. BLOCKCHAIN & WHITEPAPERS FOR BEGINNERS : In easy to understand English, for people who might be new to crypto... Blockchain is a cryptographically protected public ledger (a record system) made up of blocks which each contain transaction. Blockchain is a database system that maintains and records data in a way that allows multiple organizations and individuals to confidently share access to the same data in real-time, while mitigating concerns around security, privacy and control Ripple and enterprise blockchain firm R3 were previously involved in litigation over an options agreement that granted R3 the right to buy five billion XRP. A critical detail about the confidential settlement reached in September 2018 was leaked in SEC legal papers filed against Ripple on Tuesday.. The pertinent detail is that 'an enterprise software firm' exercised an option to buy 1.04. The papers are organized in topical sections: theories and algorithms for blockchain, performance optimization of blockchain, blockchain security and privacy, blockchain and cloud computing, blockchain and internet of things, blockchain and mobile edge computing, blockchain and smart contracts, blockchain and data mining, blockchain services and applications, trustworthy system development

Blockchain has also been promoted as a mechanism to transform carbon markets, yet the focus in this area to date has been on using blockchain to create new carbon market schemes. This paper addresses an important research gap by asking how blockchain could be applied to an existing carbon market Big Idea White Papers. Our white papers explore topics in depth, in the context of specific enterprise functions, business sectors, complementary technologies, or industries. Each paper presents a set of challenges, blockchain-based innovations, and recommendations Sponsored Content Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two hot, yet often confusing topics in tech education. It is all but certain that cryptocurrency is here to stay. Just like email and e-commerce. This entire series of monthly individual sessions (starting from the first kickoff) are designed and orchestrated to be fully virtual, and collectively make up the entire program for Healthcare Blockchain AI.This site will be your launching pad for all activity over the next year, with all sessions (unless noted differently) on the first Wednesday of each month 9AM-1PM EST

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Speaker Call for Papers. Please complete the Call for Papers form below if you would like to apply to speak at the Blockchain Africa Conference 2022 in Johannesburg, 17 and 18 March 2022. We will review your application and respond as soon as possible Blockchain 101 Papers to Read. Oh damn! You wanna go big brain mode and read some papers. Well, there is really only one paper you need to read

Call for Papers Below is the planned timeline for paper submission, review, development, and presentation target for the September 2021 IEEE Healthcare Symposium. Please return to this portal page when the submission window opens in April where the user interface will guide you on the submission process and allow the electronic upload of your proposed paper Ericsson CTO Erik Ekudden's view on the benefits of using blockchain technology to facilitate trust . The buzz around blockchain - from its initial release a decade ago until today - stems from the fact that it was the first technology to establish trust online via mathematics and collective protocolling alone Blockchain is a term widely used to represent an entire new suite of technologies. There is substantial confusion around its definition because the technology is early-stage, and can be implemented in many ways depending on the objective. At a high level, blockchain technology allows a network of computers to agree at regular intervals on. Topic: Blockchain For digital business models, data is the most crucial asset—this calls for increased awareness of appropriate privacy protection measures. The European Union General Data Protection Regulation is a consequence that followed the discussions and now forces organizations to ensure that their information ecosystems comply with the law. There is currently an emerging [

Hyperledger Quilt – HyperledgerAparna Krishnan talks open source research, findingIBM Watson, FDA to explore blockchain for secure patientPewDiePie, DLive live streaming partnershipUltimate guide to setting up a small business Wi-Fi
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