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Cryptocoryne undulata, also known under its synonym Cryptocoryne axelrodii, develops narrowly lanceolate submerged leaves with undulate margins and a green to dark brown coloration, often with a dark marbled pattern. The rhizome of old submersed plants sometimes grows vertically out of the substrate, like a small tree trunk with stilt roots Crypt Axelrodi is a rarer Cryptocoryne species that features narrow leaves, hardy nature and a greenish-brown color. It works great for mid ground plant coverage in planted tanks and is easy to care for. However, we'd recommend that it is not moved like most crypts as this can potentially trigger Crypt melt

Cryptocoryne Axelrodi is a lovely Cryptocoryne species that provides a classic look with narrow leaves that are a rich greenish-brown hue in coloration. With growth dependent on environmental factors, Cryptocoryne Axelrodi is a good choice for mid ground coverage in an aquascape layout that uses a nutrient-dense aqua soil as Cryptocoryne is a heavy root feeding genus Cryptocoryne Axelrodi . Cryptocoryne Axelrodi is a narrow leaf crypt and is greenish brown in colou A popular beautiful stem plant with feather like leaves and bright green leaves. This plant originates from Brazil. It is fast growing and quickly forms a thicket of greens thus making it very popular among aquasca... Rs.325 In Stock A popular beautiful stem plant with feather like leaves and bright green leaves Cryptocoryne axelrodi. Family AraceaeGeographic distribution: Sri Lanka Size: 15 cm. Water: low hardness, pH 5.5 to 7.5 and temperature 22-28 C. substrate height: about 5-7 cm Lighting: Medium to intense light Nutrients in the substrate or in the water

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Cryptocoryne AXELRODI Tissue Culture Origin. Qty.1 Cup. Aquarium And Terrariums Plants. This is a narrow leaf crypt which is quite hardy with almost all water types and is greenish brown in colour Cryptocoryne axelrodi is a narrow leaf crypt which is quite hardy with almost all water types and is greeninsh brown in colour Cryptocoryne undulata (C. axelrodi) Advertisements. Do you have an aquarium blog? If you do, and you would like to get more interaction with aquarium hobbyists (i.e. AQ members), AQ can automatically read your RSS feeds and post your new blog entries as AQ threads Cryptocoryne axelrodi, develops narrowly lanceolate submerged leaves with undulate margins and a green to dark brown coloration

Cryptocoryne yujiiResearched by Discovery Planethttp://www.displa.org/https://www.instagram.com/cryptocoryne.discoveryplane BIO Cryptocoryne axelrodi. Cryptocoryne that has a quiet impression, and gives a natural atmosphere when planted near driftwood. For mid-ground. 191-135. BIO Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' It has green leaves, making it one of the most popular types of Cryptocoryne. For mid-ground. 191-133 Cryptocoryne axelrodi TC CUP. Call for price. Product details. Echinodorus Reni TC CUP. Call for price. Product details. Products. Alternanthera Reineckii Mini TC CUP. Call for price. Product details. Alternanthera reineckii rosanervig TC CUP. Call for price. Product details. Alternanthera Rosaefolia TC CUP

Cryptocoryne Axelrodi is relatively easy to maintain and it is a slow-growing plant. This is a narrow leaf crypt which is quite hardy with almost all water types and is greenish-brown in colour Cryptocoryne axelrodi TC CUP. Call for price. Product details. Cryptocoryne Wendtii Affinis Red. Call for price. Product details. Cryptocoryne Wendtii Affinis Red TC CUP. Call for price. Product details. Cryptocoryne Tropica Hybrid TC CUP. Call for price. Product details. Cryptocoryne Costata. Call for price Cryptocoryne axelrodi grows under low light and without fertiliser, however, it does better in a nutrient-rich substrate Manufacturer of Beginner Plants - Cryptocoryne Axelrodi, Cryptocoryne Blassii, Echinodorus Ozelot and Echinodorus Grisebachii offered by Aquas Wild, Ernakulam, Kerala Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green gecko Be the first to review Cryptocoryne axelrodi Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Your rating.

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Cryptocoryne Axelrodi is a narrow leaf crypt and is greenish brown in colour. Cryptocoryne Nevillii. Cryptocoryne Nevillii is an easy to grow Crypt with green slender leaves. Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red (Cryptocoryne Wendtii) Cryptocoryne wendtii red is a lovely reddish brown type of Cryptocoryne wendtii BIO Cryptocoryne axelrodi. R 160.00. Cryptocoryne that has a quiet impression, and gives a natural atmosphere when planted near driftwood. Out of stock. Add to wishlist

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Customer Relations: +91-7406401553 between 10 AM to 7 PM (Monday to Saturday) Track your Order; Login / Register; 0 Item Cryptocoryne Axelrodi Cryptocoryne Lucens Cryptocoryne Crispatula Cryptocoryne Willisii Lagenandra Meeboldii 'Red' Anubias Minima Anubias Coffeefolia Anubias nana wavy Hygrophila pinnatifida Trident Java Fern. Animals Phenacogrammus interruptus Trigonostigma espei. Materials Rock, driftwood Nov 3, 2018 - *Live Plants are not qualified for free shipping. This is a narrow leaf crypt which is quite hardy with almost all water types and is greeninsh brown in colour. INSTRUCTION: Type: Rosette Origin: Asia Growth Rate: Medium Height: 5-15 cm Light Demand: Low to medium CO2: Low Attention! Please read the following im Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cryptocoryne axelrodi at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

Cryptocoryne. Cryptocoryne. Sort By: Add to Cart category.add_cart_announcement. GLA. Cryptocoryne axelrodi (GLA tissue culture) Was: $9.99 Now: $8.99. GLA tissue culture plants are derived from very small pieces of mother plants & manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions, producing. Aquarium plants are perfect to ensure your fish feel at home. We are proud to have the largest online selection of freshwater Aquatic plants for sale in North America. Shop our entire collection of echinodorus, bucephalandra, stems, mosses, ferns. Cryptocoryne retrospiralis. Cryptocoryne retrospiralis is a really beautiful aquarium plant with decorative thin leaves that have a hammered texture and often a dark coloration.Cryptocoryne retrospiralis is a very easy to care for plant, suitable for mid-sized to large aquariums. Use Cryptocoryne spiralis in groups to create a nice cluster swaying in the current of your aquarium

Cryptocoryne axelrodi (gla tissue culture). The ruffled leaves and pink coloration really sets this plant apart from the other more common crypts. Popular, and widely available aquatic. Cryptocoryne flamingo w kategorii rośliny akwariowe. 'flamingo' only cultivated in the lab using tissue culture technology Cryptocoryne cordata var. grabowskii. In 2004, when I was searching for a beautiful fish called Sundadanio axelrodi in a small blackwater river in the peat swamp forest near Kuching City, I found this species of Cryptocoryne. This species is a variety of the cordata species, and it grows on the peat soil in submerged conditions Cryptocoryne retrospiralis is an easy plant to care for. It does great from low light tanks to high light tanks. Use Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis in groups to create a nice cluster swaying in the current of your aquarium. The elongated leaves are green; mixed with darker brown to red colors Amazon.in: Buy Cryptocoryne axelrodi online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Cryptocoryne axelrodi reviews, ratings, specifications and more at Amazon.in. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available

Generally peaceful making it an ideal resident of the well-researched community aquarium. It's perhaps best-maintained alongside similarly-sized characids, gasteropelecids, lebiasinids, smaller callichthyid or loricariid catfishes and non-predatory, small-to-medium-sized cichlids. Try to buy a mixed-sex group of at le Midground aquatic plants add vibrancy and liveliness to aquariums. Much like their terrestrial counterpart, aquatic plants come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The selection of plants ranges from hardy low maintenance for beginners to rare and exotics for advanced hobbyists. In addition, there are many added benefits of keeping these plants in an aquarium May 25, 2016 - Botanical Name: Cryptocoryne cordata Rosanervig Family : Araceae Origin : Malaysia Plant Type : Rosette Propagation : RunnersLighting : Low PH. Volume: 59 L Dimensions: 39x39x39 cm List of fishes: Sundadanio axelrodi List of plants: Cryptocoryne yujii, Homalomena sp. Sekadau South Description of decorations: Udeco Desert Driftwood, Udeco River Amber sand 0.4-0.8 mm, leaves of the catappa, magnolia, bamboo, birch roots. Description of equipment: External filter Eheim 2211, a phytofilter in the Aquael FZN-3 case, Odyssea Clean 100.

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Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis are very popular mid-ground or background plants. Crypt Retrospiralis preferred medium to high light and a rich base nutrient substrate to grow well. The color and texture of this plant really make its stand out in the aquarium. Sold as a bunched plant. Size is similar to the picture and with a lead weight. Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a. Wild Blue Axelrodi at just $2 by AngelHub Aquatics. Get faster home delivery in Singapore. World class FishyHub customer service. smallcommunityfish,blu The PlantGuy, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 2K likes. We are an aquarium plant retailer located in Winnipeg, Canada,. We ship plants all over the country. Local pickup is available 24/7 during the summer

Aquadco aqua, Central Shantipur. 2,761 likes · 59 talking about this. aquatic center. mainly working on planted tank and nature aquarium systems. wholesale and retail. indoor plant and aquatic plant.. Volume: 59 L Dimensions: 39х39х39 cm List of fishes: Sundadanio axelrodi, Pangio oblonga List of plants: Cryptocoryne yujii, Homalomena sp. from Calimantan Description of decorations: Amber sand 0,4-0,8мм, leaves, driftwood. Description of equipment: External filter Eheim Classic 2211, a phytofilter in the HOB filter case, Odyssea Clean 100 skimmer, self-made 5000K CRI 90+ lights

Infinite Aquarium, Santa Clara, California. 1,081 likes · 33 talking about this · 385 were here. Aquatic Pet Stor Cryptocoryne axelrodi VIZINÖVÉNY. Cryptocoryne balansae VIZINÖVÉNY. Cryptocoryne bullosa VIZINÖVÉNY. Cryptocoryne legroi VIZINÖVÉNY. Cryptocoryne petchii VIZINÖVÉNY. Cryptocoryne pontederifolia VIZINÖVÉNY. Alternanthera lilacina VIZINÖVÉNY. Cryptocoryne. ammania sp sulawesi, anubia barteri var nana, bolbitis heudelotii, cryptocoryne axelrodi, cryptocoryne cordata var , blassii, cryptocoryne petchii, cryptocoryne wendtii brown, cryptocoryne wendtii green, cryptocoryne wendtii mi oya, didiplis diandra, echinodorus tenellus, eleocharis parvula, hemianthus callitrichoides cuba, hemianthus micranthemoides, hydrocotyle tripartita mini, hygrophila. Splashing Meadows, Kolkata. 353 likes · 3 talking about this. We care and help you care...

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  1. We are glad to present you the results of the first Eastern European Planted Aquarium Design Contest 2013. The awarding ceremony of the Contest took place November 17, 2013 in Moscow during the Days Of High Aquaristic 2013. Sponsor of the Contest: JBL GmbH & Co. KG. MEMBERS OF JURY REGISTER AND COMMENT JUDGING CRITERIA AWARDING CEREMON
  2. Potted version of a not often seen Cryptocoryne. Potted version of a not often seen Cryptocoryne. Skip to content Search. Shop by Brand Products Reptiles Boas Pythons Kingsnakes & Milksnakes Cornsnakes & Ratsnakes Hognose Snakes Colubrids Leopard.
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  4. This is the Albino Variant of the popular Cardinal Tetra Generally peaceful making it an ideal resident of the well-researched community aquarium. It's perhaps best-maintained alongside similarly-sized characids, gasteropelecids, lebiasinids, smaller callichthyid or loricariid catfishes and non-predatory, small-to-m
  5. BIO Cryptocoryne axelrodi: $63: Buy Now: BIO Cryptocoryne lucens: $63: Buy Now: BIO Cryptocoryne parva: $63: Buy Now: BIO Cryptocoryne spiralis 'red' $63: Buy Now: BIO Cryptocoryne spiralis 'tiger' $63: Buy Now: BIO Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Brown' $63: Buy Now: BIO Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green Gecko' $63
  6. Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi

In addition to Cryptocoryne, you can also plant Echinodorus, Ludwigia or Limnophila. The combination of fish is the red neon, Royal Tetra, Hyphessobrycon bentosi, and loricaria . Water with a hardness of 5-8° with a slightly acidic reaction, pH = 6.0, and a temperature of 25°C. to do this, boil the water for a week, the upper layers of the tank for a quarter of an hour, put it for another. Symphysodon aequifasciatus axelrodi (brown), Alenquer 6 stycken, ganska små än. ÖVRIGA FISKAR. Pitbull pleco LDA25. Chaetostoma Thomasi. VÄXTER. Cryptocoryne Willisii. Cryptocoryne Beckettii. Cryptocoryne Becketti petchi Cryptocoryne Wendtii green Cryptocoryne Wendtii Mi Oy Paracheirodon axelrodi, Kardinaltetra ca 40 st . Pterophyllum scalare, Skalar Rio Nanay, 8 st . ÖVRIGA FISKAR Hypancistrus sp. L201 3 st. VÄXTER. Cryptocoryne beckettii, Becketts cryptocoryne. Cryptocoryne parva, Liten cryptocoryne. Cryptocoryne wendtii Brown, Brun wendtii. Echinodorus bleheri, Paniculatus-svärdplanta. Pistia.

- Cryptocoryne axelrodi - Cryptocoryne flamingo - Cryptocoryne hudoroi - Cryptocoryne petchii 'Pink' - Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Tiger' - Cryptocoryne striolata - Cryptocoryne striolata 'mini' - Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green Gekko' - Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Pink Panther AquariumPlants.com carries some of the best Cryptocryne like wendtii red, wendtii bronze, retrospiralis, balansae, and lutea Latinské slovo - cryptocoryne axelrodi Překlad latinského slova cryptocoryne axelrodi do českého jazyka, naleznete níže. Přesná shoda cryptocoryne axelrodi - kryptokoryna Axelrodova Rozšířená shoda cryptocoryne axelrodi - kryptokoryna Axelrodova Latinský slovník on-lin

Paracheirodon axelrodi - Rød neon Paracheirodon simulans - Blå neon Danio choprae VF - Glødelys danio Poecilia reticulata - Flamingo Red Guppy Cryptocoryne parva In vitro - Cryptocoryne pygmaea 1-2-Grow! Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' 1-2-Grow! Cryptocoryne crispatula 1-2-Grow May 15, 2016 - Small cube with some emersed Cryptocoryne wendtii, Hemianthus callitrichoides Growers Award Program (GAP) v.7.7 Welcome to the NJAS Growers Award Program (GAP)!The purpose of the GAP is to: 1. encourage members to integrate live plants into their aquascapes amd filtration 2. recognize the talents and achievements of our members 3. provide a better selection of plants at our auctions Two (2) Award Programs are available to NJAS members in good standing

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  1. Rasbora axelrodi neon blue VF Skiffia multipunctata Betta splendens Halfmoon Dragon- Han Betta splendens plakat black samurai - Han Cryptocoryne crispatula 1-2-Grow! Eleocharis acicularis Mini 1-2-Grow! Gratiola viscidula 1-2-Grow! Hydrocotyle tripartita 1-2-Grow! Hygrophila pinnatifid
  2. Axelrod's Rasbora - Sundadamo Axelrodi. These beautiful fish are instantly recognizable, since their body is fluorescent green on top and reddish below, with red coloration also evident on the ventral fin. Axelrod's Rasboras appear to lack the sensory lateral line along the sides of the body, which is perhaps compensate for their large eyes
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  4. Free shipping on all orders over $99!*(Click here to see exclusions) 1-844-AQUA-LAB;
  5. ID: Title: Packing: Size: 13588: Corydoras sterbai from 10 pcs. 10: 2.5: 14093: Corydoras sterbai from 15 pcs. 15: 3.0: 13957: Corydoras sterbai from 15 pcs. 15: 2.5.
  6. Cryptocoryne axelrodi (sold/hold for pickup) Markham / York Region 14/05/2021 Cryptocoryne undulata aka axelrodi About 8-10 plants, just $8 Easy to grow and rather hardy foreground plant, grows slower than most plants but are rather nice to keep with shrimps

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Paracheirodon axelrodi patří jednoznačně mezi nejkrásnější akvarijní rybky čeledi Characidae. Tělo neonky červené je doutníkového tvaru, ze stran mírně zploštělé. Mezi hřbetní a ocasní ploutví je umístěna malá tuková ploutvička, jejíž účel není dosud znám. Přes oko, které je dosti velké, až k ocasní části se táhne modrozelený pruh, který září. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RETROSPIRALIS (Cryptocoryne retrospiralis) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Neonka červená - Paracheirodon axelrodi 2 - 3 cm. €1,20 Zelená varieta rastlinky Cryptocoryne wendtii. Táto rastlina je vhodná do strednej časti akvária. Zvláštnosťou je, že čím viac svetla bude mať, tým menej porastie k hladine a bude zostávať na dne Szinonima nevek: Cheirodon axelrodi , Hyphessobrycon cardinalis. Elterjedés: Dél-Amerika, az Orinoco és Rio Negro folyok. Testméret: 4 - 5 cm. Tartás: Csapathal ezért minimum 6 - 8 db-ot telepítsünk, fekete talaj és sötét háttér kiemeli színeit. Vizüket tőzeggel enyhén barnára festhetjük. Minimum 60 literbe telepítsük Cryptocoryne Axelrodi T/C Cup $ 39.48 Rotala 'Bonsai' T/C Cup $ 34.48 Aponogeton Ulvaceus Plant Med $ 20.48 Helanthium 'Quadricostatus' TC Cup $ 34.48 African Water Fern Bolbitis Plant Sm/md $ 19.48 Eleocharis Parvulus 'Mini' TC Cup $ 36.48 Red.

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cryptocoryne wendtii 'tropica' cryptocoryne wendtii 'green' r 182.00 r 99.00. in stoc Nov 19, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Anne-Sophie Hansson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Layout Title: Forest stream Tank Volume (liters): 31.5 Tank Age: 6 months Tank size (Length x width x height): 30x30x35 Plants: hemianthus micranthemoides, christmas-moos, fissidens moos, x-moss, java moos, eleocharis parvula,cryptocoryne petchiivar mini, microsorum pteropus narrow, bolbitis heudelotii, riccardia graeffe.. id: titre: emballage: taille: 13588: Corydoras sterbai from 10 pcs. 10: 2.5: 14093: Corydoras sterbai from 15 pcs. 15: 3.0: 13957: Corydoras sterbai from 15 pcs. 15: 2. Sep 6, 2015 - Undulata Crypt is yet another striking species in the rossette plant group. It has beautiful thin crinkled leaves which are chocolate brown or dark green on top and rosy copper on the bottom. In some lighting conditions it is possible to bring out strong red or lavender undertones

#400: 300L Aquatic Garden RAINY SEASON, by Nobphacha Yimyou Pakkred, Thailand, is an aquascape from AGA 2019 Aquascaping Contest Cryptocoryne Bullosa was described by Engler in 1879 and can be found in central Sarawak. Depending on the locations where the specimens are collected, they sometimes exhibit slight differences. I once had a friend who mistook Cryptocoryne Uenoi for Bullosa but flowers often is the sure way to tell The different varieties of Cryptocoryne crispatula - depending on their native living environment - obviously are differently suited to aquarium keeping. The best variety for use in submersed cultivation is var. balansae, which has also been regularly commercially available for many years. It is kept in different forms

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Amazon.com : Mainam Cryptocoryne Tonkinensis Tissue Culture Live Aquarium Decorations Aquatic Plants for Fish Tank : Pet Supplie Unimati, Randers. 5 467 gillar · 116 pratar om detta · 407 har varit här. Specialbutik i Randers for akvariehobbyen med fokus på hygge & rådgivning. På www.unimati.biz finder du fiskelisten samt.. Cryptocoryne retrospiralis is a plant belonging to the Araceae family. Of Asian origin, more precisely it grows in waterways of India, Thailand and China. In its natural habitat it can grow both in submerged and emerged form, giving rise to inflorescence phenomena, with beautiful purple and pink flowers Cryptocoryne (4) Cryptocoryne parva (1) Cryptocorynes (3) Dennerle (2) Digital Thermometers (1) discus (8) Distichodus Sexfasciatus (1) Dutch Aquariums (1) Echinodorus (6) Filefish (1) Fish eyes (1) fish foods (1) Flying Fox (fish) (1) frogs (1) Goldfish (4) Gourami (1) gravels (1) Great Barrier Reef (1) Green Machine (3) Gudgeon (1) Guppies (1. Labels: Cryptocoryne. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Followers.

cryptocoryne - kryptokoryna cryptocoryne axelrodi - kryptokoryna Axelrodova cryptocoryne undulata - kryptokoryna Axelrodova cryptocoryne willissii - kryptokoryna Axelrodova cryptocoryne ciliata - kryptokoryna brvitá cryptocoryne griffithii - kryptokoryna Griffithova cryptocoryne nevillii - kryptokoryna Nevillova cryptocoryne blassii. L and I acquired 5 Cardinal Tetras to increase the Cardinal school in the tank, which has slowly been dwindling due to the ravages of time. We also bought 5 Golden Zebra Danios so that we can have a few fast moving fish swimming around the tank amongst the slowish Tetras.Hopefully they will also swim close to the surface as we feel that area of the tank is a bit empty at the moment Just arrived! Mizu kusa no mori ไม้เนื้อเยื้อจาก ADA ชุดใหม่มาถึงแล้ว สามารถชมและเลือกซื้อได้แล้ววันนี้ที่ ADA Thailand Showroom และ ร้าน Atlantis.. Cryptocoryne axelrodi RATAJ - kryptokoryna Axelrodova (syn. C. undulata WENDT, C. willissii ENGLER et BAUM) Cyperus haspan L. - šáchor Cyperus papyrus L. - šáchor papírodárn I denne crona tid er det godt at have en god hobb

New arrivals: Tissue Culture Plants Micranthemum umbrosum 'Monte Carlo' Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Mini' Riccia fluitans Glossostigma elatinoides.. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's. Menu. Akvaristika. Akcie. Výstavy; Burzy; Klubové; Prednášky; Školenia; Veľtrhy; Biológi I have kept Kuhli Loachs on different occasions. Each time I get them I think they will be an interesting fish to have in the tank, but every time I am disappointed Först och främst vill jag tacka alla som skickat in sina, jag måste säga Otroligt fina akvarium. Sedan vill jag be alla som kikar in i den här tråden att skriva något eller några kommentarer om bidragen....ALLA kommentarer kommer att bli grymt upattade, bra som dåliga

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Micranthemum sp 'Monte Carlo' - A highly interesting and recommendable ground-covering plant that's still a rarity. It was collected on a riverbank in the province Misiones in North Argentine by some Japanese, and it was named after the place where it was found: Micranthemum sp. Montecarlo-3

Cryptocoryne undulataKogelvis forum • Planten database, zoetwaterlittle frog dome - The Planted Tank ForumSundadanio axelrodiAGA 2019 Aquascaping Contest: #719Manage your freshwater aquarium, tropical fishes and
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